Great Day!!

What a fantastic day for us today. It has been a tough period towards the end of Feb and March was shocking. The thing is with betting professionally is that you’ve really got to detatch yourself from short term results and really emphasive the long term investment you are partaking in.

I lost a couple of newer members at the end of March, who just couldn’t deal with a losing period. No matter how I try to explain to people regarding long term outlooks, some people just aren’t cut out to make money over a sustained period of time. They will chop and change their methods so many times looking for the non existent golden goose. My advice to anyone starting out at this is to get your plan together, have a system, method or tipster and stick with it and give it time!!! You will not get rich overnight in anything you do (well maybe the lottery) so make sure you work hard and keep you emotions purely professional.

We have whacked in 42pts profit today, here is a copy of the email sent to members.


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