Hello Again



Apologies for the lack of posts, it’s been a difficult time for most punters including myself. Thankfully we have got Cheltenham out of the way and look forward to the flat season. I especially like the flat as that’s where I will make most of my yearly profits.

I have decided that the blog will not be just a p+l blog of my bets as that is not what i’m about and I also want to keep the horses I am backing under wraps somewhat for obvious reasons!! I will be posting up thoughts on the coming flat season and occasionally I will do an assessment of big races throughout the season! I feel that people will get far more from this? rather than we backed horse A for 2pts and won or lost ££!!??

There are some great blogs out there and some fantastic reading material.

Anyway, really looking forward to the Lincon as that’s when we know we’ve really kicked in the flat season. Taqleed was given to me weeks ago and I know he has been well backed by the right people, Whether you feel 8/1 or thereabouts is paticularly good value for a race of that nature at this stage?? I’m not so sure?


Hope you all had a profitable Cheltenham?




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