One small bet today, E STREET BOY (1pt ew @ 11/2 B.O.G returned 6/1) was having his first run in a handicap. This interested me as he had been running in a higher grade and is handled by powerful connections. He had the look of a horse that might be gambled although I hadn’t heard anything about him.

I am glad we kept it small as you can’t be sure how good they are in these situations and second guessing trainers is not the best thing to be doing when betting professionally. He was worth 1pt ew but ran a stinker.

I thought he would try to lead as the only other time he was ridden prominent he ran ok at Wincanton. He raced handily enough today and was going fine, all of a sudden he came off the bridle and capitulated very quickly. A truly horrid run.

We aren’t used to them running so bad, the majority of our bets are bang there and I am glad it was a one pointer and not a 3 or 4 that flopped.

Anyway, no big deal in the grand scheme of things and we have 2 really nice bets planned this week! Price dependant of course??

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